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Our motivation for creating Kuende comes from witnessing a sad shift in human interaction. No longer do families sit at the dinner table and share stories from their day. Friends have stopped enjoying each other’s company without the need to constantly check their phones for notifications, likes and shares. We use technology to feel connected without realizing that digital connections prove to be poor substitutes to real-life interaction. What’s more, younger generations, who are most in need of real-world socialization, are affected more than anyone! We believe this damaging trend will only get worse without intervention. Today, social media is simply too much of a cultural cornerstone to give up completely. The ability to instantly connect to anyone, anywhere, has given the world a lot of good. People share ideas, stories, hobbies, goals and dreams all thanks to social media! The world simply can’t do without it. So, Kuende is here to encourage real-world socialization while at the same time providing the convenience of a social media connectivity.
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