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Kingdom Game is a gaming platform that integrates a sustainable sharing economy model, thanks to the application of Blockchain technology. The “Triple win” model between the company, agents and the game players is the key to Kingdom Game’s sustainable development. Kingdom Game 4.0 owns KDG tokens, which are highly applicable in payment, value assurance and development of Kingdom Game’s product ecosystem. Function: Kingdom Game Token (KDG) will be the payment method in our game ecosystem. In addition, KDG tokens are a payment method that guarantees safety, transparency, quick transactions and leads the trend in the digital gaming industry. Mission: Bringing insight and longterm cohesion between Game publishers and Gamers. Redefinition Gamer to become an equal career and create high income in society. In addition, we aim to equip and update for all Gamers as well as young generation the trend of 4.0 revolution and nurture the future technology nucleus of the country.
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