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JoorsChain is creating the “JoorsChain Protocol” that will reduce intermediaries and fraud and push the 50% inefficiency of a +200 billion USD business towards the advertisers, publishers, mobile-operators and end users. This is a “blue ocean” and the Protocol will secure that ads are viewed by real people, not computer-generated bots, and how much of their spending is siphoned off by middlemen. This will be a viable alternative to Facebook and Google and provide a more transparent service to advertisers and reward the end user for watching the ads. JoorsChain and the partners behind are active in digital advertising since 10+ years and has an on-going business with systems, customers and millions of transactions. Therefore, this venture is not about inventing new business and developing all new customers, it is merely about converting systems to de-centralized blockchain solutions. JoorsChain already control the usage uptake, it’s the existing business, which will drive the usage and value of the token - JoorsCoin. JoorsChains existing business will be the first, but yet important, influx to the JoorsChain community. It will ensure purchase of tokens on the secondary market, to deploy and fuel the system. Going forward, new advertisers, publishers and operators will also hook up to JoorsChain solution and the demand of token from secondary market will increase further. All these users will become the backbone of the community and token holders and maintaining the market value.
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