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SWTC, (the full name: System Working Token China) is a native digital asset of the Smectite blockchain, which acts like Bitcoin in the Bitcoin system or ETH in the Ethereum, and is the medium required for transactions within the Schmidt system. The SWTC itself has two aspects, one is to provide the user with the credentials to establish a valid account in the Schmidt system; the other is the cost of the user's transaction in the Schwart system. At the same time, SWTC guarantees the stability and security of the system operation and increases the cost of malicious attacks. The SWTC costs consumed in the transaction are recycled by the system itself for recycling. SWTC Foundation The SWTC Foundation is a non-profit organization for the global SWTC blockchain ecosystem. The Foundation is committed to the development and construction of the SWTC blockchain ecosystem and the promotion and promotion of transparency, and promotes the safe and harmonious development of the SWTC blockchain ecological society. The SWTC Foundation will help manage the general affairs and privileges of the SWTC blockchain community project by developing a good governance structure.
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