Guaranteed Ethurance Token Extra

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February 27, 2018
Market Cap
$ 23,483
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$ 0.2567
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insChain is a blockchain-based insurance project founded by senior American actuaries, risk management managers and first-class experts in insurance, investment, artificial intelligence and big data. The insChain platform supports new insurance business models such as P2P insurance as well as a series of traditional insurance workflow processes from underwriting to claim settlement. Inschain platform is designed specifically to address insurance industry pain points. The insChain management team has broad and deep experiences in related fields, such as insurance, actuarial and blockchain technologies. We strive to overcome hurdles in traditional insurance industry and the general lack of trust and security in insurance process by utilizing blockchain-based insurance applications. Our strengths lie in our ability to merge artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies with insurance business to transform the traditional business models. Our mission is to become the World's leader in insurtech, especially in the application of blockchain in the insurance field.
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