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The design of Sincerity Chain based on Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus mechanism technology of PBFT enables a series of financial institutions around the world In the ecology, the user holds the token which mainly reflects the mutual honesty between the enterprise and the enterprise and the bill settlement. Restricted transactions by third parties. Sincerity Chain Block Chain's ability to execute direct trading operations will allow Sincerity Chain to be used as a business orientation Businesses, merchants, commodity and service companies have used settlement methods to encrypt the circulation of digital assets and become international traders. Ideal means for industrial and commercial activities, using block-chain distributed Book hormones to track encrypted goods The amount of money completed. Amazon, the world's largest encrypted currency. Firstly, the financial system should be closely linked. In the future, the virtual currency usage data should be packaged and docked with the real bank. Secondly, in the future, we should adopt the social communication mode and tie it closely with social entertainment. Third, the future should be linked to the credit system, the credit system of the main enterprises in the sincere chain, and the means of credit endorsement should be expanded. Exhibition application scenario, applied to corporate mutual trust, honest tokens.
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