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BITOR CASH is blockchain cryptocurrency which adopts bitcoin as its protocol. Since May 18, 2010 when a programmer, Laszlo Hanyecz traded 10,000 bitcoins with 2 pizzas, bitcoin has brought a lot of social, economic and technical changes to the world. Since the release of bitcoin, it isn’t just the world that changed. Bitcoin itself has also gone through evolution living up to market and network needs. Bitcoin’s value as currency will repeatedly go through increase and decrease. However, bitcoin’s protocol and value as software will not change as long as digital transaction exists. This is why BITOR CASH chose bitcoin protocol and its ecosystem. In addition to this, BITOR CASH Foundation holds hope that bitcoin’s comprehensive usage can be extended to an even wider range. At the same time, it will signify the extension of blockchain itself. BITOR CASH Foundation is paying more attention to bitcoin’s future instead of its past. The greatest innovation in blockchain field can be, again, nothing but change through bitcoin itself. In reality, there have appeared numerous blockchain platforms and altcoins, but their innovation couldn’t even happen outside of the network. True value of blockchain is believed that blockchain can be used to connect transactions among nodes with anonymity as well as trust among parties who go through face to face connection in our reality. Therefore, BITOR CASH chose shoppingism industry to present the BITOR CASH that can be used to help exchange and transactions among multiple parties with different currencies, language and nationality. True spirit of bitcoin is also laid on realization of an innovative system which enables transactions without Trusted Third Parties like bank. For this, BITOR CASH intends to reflect progress in blockchain field to its service and technology and create value there with in order to contribute to crypto eocosystem participants.
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