Bitball Treasure

21.19 %
Change 24h
Market Cap
$ 0
Volume 24h
$ 3,550,710
Total Supply
BTRS is a unique Treasure coin, a unique store of value faster than Bitcoin (a fork of Bitball) with more functionality as a Treasure with only 1 million Maximum supply. BitBall Treasure (BTRS describes itself as a treasure coin (a fork of Bitball). BTRS will be the only digital currency that can be exchanged for treasure items on the Bitball merchandise page. BitBall Treasure will be used for VIP SALE items on its trading platform, Paying through BTRS will allow users to save 20% on transaction fees. BitBall Ecosystem Launched in July 2018 consists of: BitBall (BTB) & BitBall Treasure (BTRS)
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